Photo patternable permanent materials for structure fabrication


  •  These photoresists provide a negative photosensitive permanent film with high resolution and high adhesion, enabling the formation of high aspect ratio patterns.
  •  They can be applied to the formation of cavity structures through the tenting process using film photoresists, in addition to forming micro-channels for Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) devices and biochips.
  •  Compared with conventional the sacrificial layer process, these photoresists enable significant process simplification.
  •  Low cytotoxicity
  • ※Cytotoxicity was tested according to the ISO 10993-5 standard. IC50 (50% inhibitory concentration) : >100%


Hollow structure forming

・ TMMFTM S2000 Series : Film type photoresist

・ TMMRTM S2000 Series : Liquid type photoresist



  •  MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)
  •  Biochips (μTAS, Lab on a chip)


Post Cured Film Performance / Chemical Resistance


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